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From Gary C. with "Pippy", a 10 1/2 year old Newfoundland:

Companion Therapy Laser is Great!!

We adopted Pippy from a Newfoundland Rescue in the spring of 2001. She had been rescued from the streets in Oakland County, was approximately 2 years old, weighed about 70 pounds (normal weight is 110 pounds), and had a litter of pups.

She is now roughly ten years old. As a result of this hard start to her life, she has had arthritic hips and legs for several years, to the point where it was difficult for her to stand up in the morning to go outside.

Traveling with her had become very difficult as she could not hop into a car, but required lifting to get in (she is now about 120 pounds). And in general she had become mostly inactive because moving was just too hard.

We took advantage of Plaza Vet's offer to try the laser light/heat therapy during the staff's training period. Improvement was evident after the first session. By the end of the six sessions she was moving like a dog half her age.

She no longer has difficulty getting up and down and her whole attitude is more enthusiastic and playful. She even chases rabbits again when the opportunity arises.

It has been six weeks since the treatments began. We see the original improvements to still be in effect for Pippy. I am scheduling the six-week maintenance session that was recommended to assure her continued comfort.

I whole-heartedly recommend the Companion Therapy Laser treatments to anyone who's pet is suffering from the pain of arthritis. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to see how beneficial that can be.

Sincerely ~ Gary C.

Dear Karen,

Thank you to you and the entire team at Plaza Veterinary Hospital for the huge improvment we see in Pippy following the Companion Laser Therapy treatments.

Pippy is a 10-year-old Newfoundland. Newfies are considered to be "senior" animals in their 5th year, with life expectancies of 7 to 10 years. Being large animals - Pippy is 120 pounds - they are prone to hip and back problems.

Our Pippy had become very lame. Since the initial series of treatments on her spine, hips, and knees, she is moving like she did when she first became a senior dog.

She can get up the steps without hesitating and the many circles and re-attempts that had been routine for at least the preceding year. She once again accompanies us around the house as we do chores, where previously she found it difficult to get up.

We are grateful to see her more comfortable and gratified to have her companionship again. Thank you for helping our loved companion enjoy this time of life with us!

Sincerely ~ Deb C.